3 Tips for Bird Photography

hold the camera with both

3 Tips for Bird Photography

If you have ever tried to shoot birds you know that it can be quite difficult, especially when shooting while they move, but the results of a successful photograph are very rewarding. Here are some bird photography tips to help you get these awesome shots you want.

- Shoot the right time of the day

soft light conditions

Probably one of the most important bird photography tips I can give you. You want the light to be soft so that there are no harsh shadows cast on the bird you want to shoot. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon are the best times of the day. It is very difficult to get a good shot while it is around noon because it can only happen when the sun is behind you and that makes it challenging to use the next tip right below.

- Try getting a nice background

blurr background

The bird is of course more important, but a background can make a good photograph either useless or amazing. A completely boring and plain background doesn't complement the bird at all and a too distracting one attracts the attention away from the bird you're shooting. You have to keep a balance between too simple and too sparky for the best result.

- Focus on the eyes

focus point to the eye

There is no blog that gives the best bird photography tips without mentioning this one. You must focus on the eyes of the bird, it can make or break a wonderful photograph. Try shooting from eye-level as this puts more emphasis on the eyes.

These were three of the most important bird photography tips. Think about when you'll be taking your photos beforehand as you want to avoid taking them around noon. Getting the background to be just right is never bad, and remember to focus on the eyes of the bird.

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